4 Crucial Reasons Why Family is Important in Our Lives

4 Crucial Reasons Why Family is Important in Our Lives

There is age long belief that helps us who are hungry for someone that will always be there for us through good and bad times. So in this case, family is a source of motivation, understanding, hope, comfort, advice, positions, attitudes, foundations, and faith. These things are important to us because they give us feeling of security and happiness in the difficult journey of life. This explains why family matters are important in our lives. Of all the numerous functions family serves in our group and individual lives, there are four of them that stand out that will engage our attention here. Here they are:

1. Family provides Protection and Security

The family is important because it provides love, support and direction of situations to each one of its members. Family members build themselves individually, serve themselves and share pleasant and unpleasant life experiences. Families provide programmes for personal growth and development. Family is a major factor in a child’s life. From the earliest days of their lives, children rely on parents and families to protect them and to provide for their needs. Parents raise the first child of the family. The family provides all members with security, identity and value, regardless of age. When a family member is in need of safety and protection, he or she returns to the family for help. He/she knows about his own and that he is the foundation for the rest of his life. This foundation includes the principle of guilt that provides basis for ones own principle and value. Family shows the individuals value of love, advice and public communication.

2. Family Provides the first School of Life

Family as the child’s first school” has the highest standards of life. It teaches positive behaviours. The attitudes and abilities we learn in the family become our guiding principle later in life. They make our personality. They set up our ideas base. Everyone would love to be born in a family that puts the calculations at the beginning of childhood. Family is the most important institution in the society because it provides the base for other social institutions. Societies are built on families. Our family is well-known for teaching and accounting. Giving is especially important to the calculations and attitudes in the world. Right from childhood we are taught to respect the elders, to love children, among other values. We learn the value of friendship and truth from our parents and other members of our families. It is because of the good teachings of our parents’ parents that we are able to succeed in different areas of human endeavours like sports, commerce, politics, and education. All these have monumental effect on our lives and what we eventually become.

3. Family gives prediction of what we will likely become

With the exception of where membership of a family is through social affiliation, the family is source of the blood of its members. The family members, especially the parents accept their new members the way they are. And they will do anything to support the new members no matter what. It is the place where ones life begins and love does not appear to have an end. You may have many people in your life, but you may not find caring person as your parents. In the same vein, you may not find a social group that is as supportive as your family. Some people may not agree with this view, but this is the truth. It does not matter how you feel about it.

A family is one place where children learn much before and after school periods. At school, children are taken through organized and systematic educational and instructional materials that will help them pass prescribed examinations and possibly find good jobs in future. On the other hand, at different homes families teach children about behaviors, manners,characters, religion, beliefs, etc So the capacity of each family in this regard affect direct how much a particular child and what he/she will potentially become. When children are born, they found their parents first and then spent many considerable length of time with their relatives until they start going to school. During the first three to four years it is important for children to know the right attitudes from parents, sisters or brothers. During this perid, they are expected to have known many things from the family that may ultimately form part of of what they will become in future. No one wants his/her child learn evil from him/her, I believe.

4. Family Helps Build a Strong & Purpose Driven Society

Strong families constitute the bedrock of a strong society. Where families are living up to their responsibilities in terms of bringing up children with high sense of value and character, the entire society will be better for it and vice versa. Dad, Mother, children and other family members have to work to build a perfect family and ultimately perfect society. If any one of them fails then the whole family fails. The increasing cases of violence, armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual killings, hooliganism, etc are reflections of loss of family values. If wemust correct the ills in our society today, we have to the roots – the families.