About Us

About Us

Family is a basic unit of any society. There is no known society without families. Families today are on trial. A lot is happening there that have undermined the position and role of family in the ever changing world.

A number of things about family have been affected one way or another. Definition of family is being threatened. Family values have been grossly and severally eroded. And as a natural consequence of this the traditional roles of family is now suffering.

Modernization, economic and social changes, technological development and massive industrialization have all had their attendant impacts on families today. The dominant roles of father and extended families are waning by the day. Cases of divorce, domestic violence, adolescent crisis, and others are taking unprecedented tolls on families.

All of these are having monumental impacts on the larger society and the global system. What we are seeing today as corruption, criminality, political crisis, immorality, religious intolerance, etc are largely due to the failing conditions of the families.
If we must restore the society of our dream, then it becomes imperative to fix the families because that’s where our challenges come from. No more, no less.

This explains why at Family Rebirth (FR) it is our primary concern to assist other efforts by way of creating awareness that will help return families to its original state.
This we are doing by promoting exchange and sharing of information, articles, stories, drama, etc to drum home our point. We hope you will find our style interesting and exciting. You are welcome.
Reflect on this:
“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”

― George Burns

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