Quarantine Diary – Episode 12

Bill arrives to meet the absence of his in-law who was at the shore getting some fish for the family. He then called to inform him of his arrival. Mr. Kim rushed home to meet Bill.

Food was prepared and they ate. After the meal, they went to sit under a mango tree behind the house to discuss why Bill came to visit.

Mr. Kim: My son, welcome once again.

What brings about your unannounced visit once again? Hope all is well?

Bill: Thanks Dad for the warm welcome and the meal. Well I came with no bad news, I just decided to come seek some clarifications which I deemed fit to come in person than on phone.

Mr. Kim: OK, go ahead. What is it about?

Bill: Eeerm, it’s about the ritual you spoke about and the distance you asked me to keep from my wife. I want to know why the ritual should be performed.

Mr. Kim: Hmmm, that’s a brilliant question my son. But what I want you to know is,  what my daughter has brought to my family is not just a disgrace but a problem to solve, and a very difficult one for that matter.

For the ritual, it’s a traditional demand. It’s in the family and it must be done for cleansing.

Bill: Hmmm, I came because it’s against our religion as Christians to appease the gods after committing a sin.

Mr. Kim: Bill, this has to do with my family and I want to do what’s right. I know you don’t understand but what I see from where I sit, you can’t even if you climb this tree we are sitting under.

Bill: I came to suggest if we can rather go see our pastor to pray and break any bond should there be any so we can let go of the ritual.

Mr. Kim: You know what Bill, I’m old enough to be your father, what you are suggesting isn’t a bad idea but what I know, you don’t know that’s why I didn’t involve you, I just asked you to stay away from my daughter for a while. So kindly do that for me and let’s not drag this my son.

Bill: Hmmm, okay Dad. That’s the only reason why I came here.

Mr. Kim: Really, what about the real issue at hand? What are your intentions?

Bill: I haven’t thought of anything yet, but the little I know is, as a man I should be able to handle issues in my home. Maybe I’d involve you where necessary.

Mr. Kim: I sense true love in your speech my son. I know how it feels, I’ve been in your shoes before. You have spoken well and I pray you are granted the wisdom to do what’s right. Once again I’m sorry for what my daughter has caused you. I’d like to know if you have informed your family yet.

Bill: I haven’t Dad. I actually want to do a few things first and I’ll decide on what to do afterwards. But for now, I’ve not thought of anything yet.

Mr. Kim: Well, as you said. You need to handle your home as a man. Let me leave that to you for now.

Bill: Okay Dad. Thank you for hosting me.

Mr. Kim: My pleasure my son. Are you leaving immediately?

Bill: Yes Dad, I don’t want to drive in the night due to the lock down.

Mr. Kim: Alright, I was thinking we could take a walk at the sea shore for a while so you can at  least move around freely and absorb some fresh air. But I understand,you may leave now.

Bill: Thanks Dad. I’ll give you a call when I arrive home.

Mr. Kim: Safe journey my son. Bye.

Bill drove back home and informed his in-law of his safe arrival.

Bill later realised he left his second phone behind when he was leaving. He checked and it was flooded with calls from Mina the whole day.

Bill returned Mina’s  call.

On phone

Mina: Where have you been Bill? I’ve been calling all day.

Bill: Sorry, I went on a return journey from Prampram and just got home. I actually left this phone behind.

You called many times,  what’s the problem?

Mina: Louis left home in the morning and returned about two hours ago before you returned my call. I didn’t want to call him so I was calling you to know whether you are home and your wife was around.

Bill: Well, I wasn’t in town and I met her at home so I can’t tell whether she went somewhere or not.

Mina: I seriously suspect they planned to meet, which I’m sure they did. Because I read Louis’s actions before he left the house.

Bill: Well, I’ll try some tricks to see whether I can verify if she went out or not.

Mina: Can’t you ask your gate man??

Bill: He left to be with his family in the North due to the lock down. But don’t worry, I’ll find out.

Mina: Okay,  I need to leave you now. You must be tired. Bye.

Bill took a shower and got to the dinning hall to eat. Tilly went to Bill.

Tilly: Dad, where did you go today?  I didn’t see you in the morning.

Bill: I went to work my dear. Where did you also go?

Tilly: Mummy took me and we went to eat with Uncle. He bought me rice and kitchen (chicken).

Bill: It’s not kitchen dear, it’s chicken, say chicken.

Tilly: Chicken.

In the night, Bill stayed in the hall watching movies and sipping wine. He has been chatting Mina throughout the night. They both slept on the chat.

To be continued

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