What Happens When You Ask Your ‘Messaiah’ to Shut Up?

Mr. Chibueze and Mrs. Yetunde Musa were married for 5 years without a child. This brought immense pressures on the couples from family members on both sides. There were pressures from friends and colleagues as well.

Chibueze (a businessman) and Yetunde who worked in an insurance company as a marketer however remained steadfast and prayerful, believing that God will answer their prayers soon. The fact that theirs was an inter-tribal marriage further increased the intensity of the pressure on the couples. But all the medical tests conducted on them suggested that the two of them were normal and had all it takes to have children. This therefore strengthens their faith in God that He will do it.

Divine favour located them in November 1997 when Yetunde became pregnant and gave birth to a set of fraternal twins. It was joy galore for the couples and their families, friends and colleagues. The male child was named Henry and the female was named Josephine.

After the maternity leave, Yetunde resumed her work at Hygip Insurance Company Limited. The care of Henry and Josephine was left in the hand of the housemaid, Abeni. Abeni was a very good care giver. She is equally good in housekeeping. However her ugly side is promiscuity. She is a hard core bisexual. She also loves playing with the kids. So the resumption of her boss, Yetunde was an opportunity to launch her lust on the twins. By the sixth month, the twins were already used to having a prolonged kisses with her and themselves, sucking their breasts, her vagina. She was doing same to them too. By the time they were one year old, they were already crawling to have kisses with her. They will cry for it. Even when their parents were around, the only person that can calm them is Abeni. Yetunde did not notice that anything was going wrong. So she gave all the encouragement even to the extent of allowing the kids to be sleeping in Abeni’s bedroom. She was singing the praises of Abeni everywhere.

Of course she will have to do so because she had no time for the home front. According to her, she is as busy as the bees. The husband too is equally very busy. This therefore created room for Abeni to make herself indispensable.

The strong bond between Henry and Josephine on one side and between the duo and Abeni on the other hand suggested on the surface that Abeni should be left with the family for a longer period. As a matter of fact, she was being showered with gifts by Yetunde and her husband because they were impressed that she was taking a very good care of their children.

Unknown to these couples, the secrets of the bond between the twins was the sexual misconduct they were introduced to early in their lives by the housemaid. As at the time Abeni was leaving the family after the 10th birthday of Henry and Josephine, the duos were already used to their game. They were so obsessed with their habit of love making. They were found of locking themselves in the room, not allowing anyone, not even their parents enter the room. Yet the parents did not suspect anything was going wrong.

The new housemaid, Esther called their attention to the fact that she was not comfortable with the behaviour of Henry and Josephine. They shouted at her, asking her to shut up. They told her to mind her business or leave. After three consecutive efforts in this regard had met with brink wall, she stopped making any further attempts. Even when the clearer pictures of the sexual misconduct were unfolding, she kept her mouth shut. There was a particular day she caught them in the act. She was enraged and almost beat them. But the duo looking unconcerned told her to mind her business or else they will both ensure she lose her job. She painfully complied.

This misconduct continued throughout their primary and secondary schools. In fact they both refused to attend boarding school for fear of being caught in the act. The second reason was the fear of third party coming between them. So when Henry suspected another guy was showing interest in Josephine he became envious. Same for Josephine, who became jealous seeing another girl getting closer to Henry. They were so bonded that no one can come between them.

They both got admitted into the same University and continued their love life unabated. Each of them was given his/ her own accommodation off campus. But they never slept apart for all the periods they were in the university. Henry will either pass the night with Josephine in her apartment or Josephine coming to do same with Henry in his apartment.

Many of their colleagues and friends that knew they were twins were wondering the kind of bond between the twins. Those with limited knowledge about them simply saw them as love birds,who were so fond of each other. Even their younger siblings Emeka and Cyril cannot come between them. The relationship gap was so real and touchable. It got to a point that the two of them were beginning to reduce their interactions with other colleagues and family members.They created a world of their own.

In their third year in the University, Josephine became pregnant for Henry. They wanted to keep the pregnancy but felt it will make nonsense of their academics pursuit and their projected year of graduation. So they both agreed to abort the pregnancy. They went to the nearby pharmacy to get some combination of drugs, mixed them together and administered on Josephine. She died from the complication arising from taking the concoction.

In his response to the death, Henry cried his heart out. In the midst of this, he wrote a very lengthy suicide note. The major highlights of the note included how the whole thing started, the fact they were coached and mentored in this incestuous act by Abeni who they both thought was doing a favour. The note also pointed in the direction of negligence on face part of their parents, Yetunde and Chibueze. He noted that the only Messiah that would have taken them out of the bondage was Esther who they all shouted down and never listened to.

Yetunde and Chibueze were thrown into mourning. Without consulting even her husband, Yetunde resigned her job in the insurance company to enable her take proper care of the remaining two boys to avoid further damage. On his own part her husband blamed her for taking her job above her domestic responsibilities.

Moral of the story

No amount of care by any house maid can be a substitute to genuine, focused and consistent parental care. Failure to strike a balance between the work / career pursuit and parenting is a disaster in the waiting. The University of the true nature of disaster is a matter of time.

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