How Restless Housewives Engage in Three Sum Sex Party to Kill Boredom

Sola Oritoke and Kemi Dauda are two childhood female friends. They both lived in Ebute-Mettta area of Lagos during their childhood days. The families of the two friends were aware of their friendship and gave it the necessary encouragement and support.

After their secondary education they both got admission into tertiary institutions. Sola was admitted into University of Ilorin while Kemi got admission to University of Lagos. During their University days, they were exchanging visits to each others’ University with little or no notice. Sola was studying Accountancy while Kemi was pursuing a course in Sociology.

Unknown to the families of these two friends is the fact that the two of them are bisexual and they are sexually connected. So, when they were visiting each other at homes and schools they were actually having sex. The ignorant people around them, especially their parents, friends and school mates thought they were mere friends. It goes beyond mere friendship; they were lovers and they are very deep in the act.

In their privacy, they love smoking, drinking, partying, going around the city for adventure. They were able to hide many aspects of their lifestyle from people around them for a very long time especially smoking and drinking.

They were surfing the internet to meet new people (male and female) whose lifestyles are similar to theirs; especially the lesbians and bisexuals (male and female) with who they constantly had three sum sex parties. But they were very discrete about who they were.

To the people around them, including their parents and neighbors, Sola and Kemi were epitome of love, beauty, simplicity, humility and intelligence. Some even remarked that the duo never allowed their success to get into their heads. Some younger children in the neighbourhood were seeing them as role models.

They both graduated successfully from their Universities within the regulated time frame. However, the only school they could not graduate form is the promiscuity and bisexual school. They keep carrying it over and it does not appear they are ready to graduate from there anytime soon. It is a habit they are both glued to and to them it is okay to be so glued.

They both found a very sex partner called Andrew. They met him online. He is bisexual as well. He is married with three kids. But not withstanding his marital status he is one of the most serious homosexuals in the city of Lagos. He has contact with most serious lesbians and homosexuals in the city.

Andrew has been very consistent in getting young ones (male and female) recruited into lesbian, homosexual and bisexual communities. Andrew was always available to answer the call of Sola and Kemi for three sum sex party. They both called him their sex slave.

The duo could not drop these deviant acts even after weddings that took place same year. They both got married to two bosom friends who are sailors. Sola’s husband is Emmanuel Alade while Kemi’s husband is Bode Akinyemi. These two guys were ignorant of Sola’s and Kemi’s escapade. To them, they were happy that they got two good friends as wives.

Because of the nature of their jobs, Emmanuel and Bode agreed that it was a wise decision to let their wives be housewives so that the home front can be properly taken care of, especially the children. To this end, they made everything – furnished apartments, cars, and others – available to them.

Since they could not drop or change this lifestyle, they continued even after their marriage. Andrew still remained a constant and common factor between the two. So whenever the opportunity was available, Andrew will be invited to either of the duo’s homes. The simple message is: “Oh boy we are bored and tired”. Once Andrew received the message it was guaranteed that he was going to spend the night with them. This is the way they have been killing boredom whenever their husbands were not in the country. The proximity of their residential apartments further helped them in this inglorious act. Emmanuel and Bode did not suspect that anything was going on between their wives, let alone Andrew who they did not even know.

There came a time when Emmanuel and Bode were scheduled to travel as usual. They were informed to check into their hotel room preparatory to their movement the following day. But surprisingly, there were some hiccups in the traveling arrangement and they were asked to go back home because the movement was going to be delayed for another one week. So they complied, feeling happy that this would allow them to have more time to share with their families. When he got to his apartment, Emmanuel noticed that the sitting room had been turned upside down with everything scattered all over the floor.

The most embarrassing was a pair of male jeans trousers, a boxer and jeans jacket on the settee. His body started telling him that something was going wrong. He packed the jean trousers, boxer and the jacket and went to hid them in the food store. After this he headed toward his room and started hearing some voices. He walked backed and quietly put a call through to Bode who came immediately. Armed with pestle and cutlasses, they summoned courage and opened the door to the room. Lo and behold, they saw their two wives – Sola and Kemi sucking Andrew. Sola was sucking his nipples while Kemi was giving Andrew’s dick the sucking of his life while Andrew was just screaming for joy under them. All of them were stripped completely.

Emmanuel and Bode restrained themselves from using the items they were holding. But they order them to remain the way they were, possibly continued sucking whatever they were sucking. They called the police who came to arrest them. Andrew was taken to the police station without any clothe on. It was a show of shame. This ended the marriages as Emmanuel and Bode felt very strongly that they could not withstand such a shame.

Moral of the story

Any bad habit you refuse to change at the due time may end up becoming a monster that will alter your destiny and impose on you unprecedented shame and sorrow.

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