How a Housewife Brought in Man Friend for a Night Out as Husband Embarked on Medical Trip Abroad

Onome, daughter to Mr. David Ubah and Mrs. Rita Ubah, was born in 1984. The parents were both from Delta State, South-South Region of Nigeria. The family was based in Ajegunle in Apapa are of Lagos.
The father was a Danfo driver while the mother was a petty trade at Boundary Market in Ajegunle.

Growing up for Onome and her four other siblings was quite challenging because of the financial status of their parents. Apart from the challenge of poor feeding, funding their education was a hell. Most of time, they were sent back home from school because of non – payment of school fees. The children were always looking malnourished, poorly clothed and dirty. Their health condition was a case of one sickness today and another one tomorrow. But everything was called fever.

It happened that one day as Onome was sent back home for non – payment of her school fees, somebody saw her and picked interest in her case, the man was Mr. James Odugbo from Cross River State. Mr. Odugbo was a Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer in one of the famous manufacturing companies in Apapa. He asked Onome to take him to her parents. Initially, his objective was to confirm if Onome was just a wayward girl or if it was true that she was roaming the street of Ajegunle at that time of the day because the parents could not pay her school fees. But upon confirmation that it was true that the parents could not pay her school fees and those of her siblings, he volunteered to be assisting the family to pay the school fees to best of his ability. True to his promise, he was doing this consistently.

Onome’s father David, died when Onome was 15 years old. So the responsibility of fending for the family rested squarely on Rita, his widow. It was a rough period for the woman. Things would have been worst were if not for the unfailing assistance coming from Mr. Odugbo, who was paying all the school fees and providing the family with some food stuffs.

Because of Mr. Odugbo’s closeness to the family, all the children were calling him their Daddy. Sometimes, Onome would go to his house on weekends to help him with some domestic chores.

The relation kept growing until when Onome was 18 years. Mr. Odugbo invited Rita and Onome for a meeting where he broke open his willingness to have Onome’s hand in marriage. This proposal was not met with any resistance; except for the question Onome asked him. She asked, “Sir, where are your children and your wife?” He told her that they are in the United States. He noted further that he has been divorced for about 10 years.

Without much ado, Onome and Mr. Odugbo got married. Onome was happy because she was seeing a father figure in her husband who could use his wealth of experience to guide her through in life. Her mother and her siblings were also happy because Mr. Odugbo, a trusted man that has been with them all this while, was the one who married their sister. To Mr. Odugbo, it was an opportunity for him to get his life back since he has been the only one living in his five bedroom duplex for years. The closest people to him all the period were his cook, driver, gardener and security men. So, finding a companion he can conveniently share his bed with was a dream come true.

The couples were soon blessed with a new baby girl named Bridget. The joy of the two families knew no bound. It was a glorious moment for the two couples. In order that Onome’s education will not be truncated by her marriage, her husband encouraged her to enroll for a degree programme at the prestigious University of Lagos where she started a degree in Guidance and Counseling.

In the course of her schooling, Onome had everything to herself to make her studies easy for her. She was given a brand new car, a housemaid was hired for her, a driver and others. Not many of her lecturers could afford the kind of luxury she was enjoying.

Despite all these comforts, Onome was still feeling that something was not just right in her marriage. And so she was still “bleeding” inside. She felt that romance and sex were grossly inadequate. She felt the need to do something to correct this but unfortunately her husband was incapacitated because of his worsening health condition. This is due to complications arising from high blood pressure, diabetes and erectile dysfunction (ED). This condition has made the man a regular visitor to several health facilities within Nigeria and other countries like Egypt, South Africa, India, USA, UK and Germany.

As the situation was getting worsened, Onome’s patience was running out. She was initially suppressing her feeling and engaging herself in masturbation. She later graduated into having a regular man friend who she was dating on campus. The man’s name was Tayo who was a lecturer in the University. Since Tayo was still single, it was easier for Onome to be visiting him at home. His rented apartment was at Abule Oja in Akoka, a nearby settlement to University of Lagos. Sometimes she will pass the night at the lecturer’s residence. In doing this, she was showering the driver with gifts in order to keep his mouth shut.

In one of his various overseas medical trips, Mr. Odugbo travelled to Germany to keep his medical appointment. He was billed to spend a week before returning to Nigeria. Exactly a day after he departed, Onome brought her man friend Tayo, to her matrimonial home. Tayo spent 5 days in the house, screwing Onome right in her matrimonial bed.

The domestic staff / workers, – house maid, cook, gardener, security men who felt their boss deserved better and decent treatment could not bear the recklessness of madam anymore. They all agreed to come together and share with Mr. Odugbo what happened when he was away to Germany. After he was briefed, they all agreed to set Onome up. So Mr. Odugbo faked two weeks official trip to Canada. He left home and checked into a hotel. Tayo was brought in again by Onome. Her husband was immediately prompted by the domestic workers. He did not come home until the following day with two policemen. They came at the right time because Onome and Tayo were caught right in the act around 7:45am in her husband’s room.

Aftermath of this, Onome and Mr. Odugbo opted for separation and later divorce after some years of separtion.

Moral of the story

Do not bite the finger that fed you and your family. A man that was with you in your trying moment deserves to be waited for in his trying moment.

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