Several Ways Families Act as Breeding Grounds for Corrupt Practices


One of the most dreaded problems facing the world today is corruption. Although this appears to be more pronounced in the third world countries like Colombia, Brazil, Nigeria, Argentina, South Africa, India, Haiti, Ghana, to mention just a few, however the most advanced countries of the world like the US, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Russia, China, are equally having their own fair share of corruption.

It is interesting to note that while discussing corruption we often look at what is happening in other social institutions like politics, economy, religion and others without paying due attention to happenings within the families that constitute the basic unit of our society. This is abnormal.

Most of the character traits being exhibited by the actors and gladiators in other social institutions have been fully formed in their various families before they are unleashed on the social institutions. In other words, those stealing from the public treasuries have developed the mindset of stealing direct or indirectly from their homes.

In other words, families are actually the principal determinants of the characters being exhibited in political, economic, religious and other institutions. So the success or failure of these families can actually be measured by the level of effectiveness and decadence in those institutions. Everything starts with families and home trainings.

In this write up we are looking at how families through their actions and inactions are contributing to the level of corruption in the larger society. We are doing this because of the high level moral decadence in our societies today.

Encouraging and Supporting Examination Malpractices

Many families are guilty of doing everything to compromise examination standards in favour of their children because they want to give them undue advantage over others. In doing, they concentrate less efforts on giving support and encouragement to these children in actual reading and academic exercise that will aid them to independently write and pass the examination. The consequence of this is that the children are being taught that effort and hard work do not pay. You have to cut corner.


Many homes are thriving houses of terror and horror. Parents are sleeping with their under age and adult children with or without their consent. Fathers are having canal knowledge of their daughters just as mothers are doing same for their sons. Siblings are also engaging themselves in sex with or without the knowledge of the parents. As if that is not enough, there are instances of mothers having sex with their daughters to form a lesbian club within the home. In the same vein fathers spearhead homosexual affairs in their homes by sleeping around with their sons. In short all manners of sexual immoralities go on in the places called homes between and among people who are biologically related. It is so disgusting and shameful.

Activities of Pedophiles in the Homes

Apart from the issue of incest just discussed, there are other forms of sexual misconduct going on in the homes that have qualified the families involved as breeding grounds for corrupt practices. One typical example is the sexual abuses of minors by the adult members of the families. This is usually taken for granted in my homes because the general belief is that this cannot happen since we are all members of the same families. But this thinking is fraught with errors as there are cases of adults members sexually molesting the children at tender ages, beginning from few months after birth. Where this is not done by adult relatives, some domestic workers that are charged with the responsibility of taking care of the children are involved in the sexual molestation of these children. Any child that has been so exposed and is used to this type of abuse at the early stage of his/her life can hardly jettison what has become his/her habit. Chances are that such a child may end up being promiscuous, lesbian or homosexual, or bisexual depending on the gender and the sexual orientation of the person/adult that introduced him/her into this deviant act.


Most cases of rape take place at homes. This is against the general misconception that they occur mostly when one is in the midst of strangers. The misconception is due to the fact that most rape cases at family level are grossly and unfairly under reported because of conspiracy of silence. Most families would rather agree to cover up such cases from the public to avoid stigmatization and shame.

Sex for Benefits

This will shock many, but it is true. Many couples would rather not have sex with their partners except certain material benefits like money, clothes, cars, and so on are provided in exchange. A couple who has been used to getting things this way will not see anything wrong doing it in his/her office and other places where he/she is commanding some measures of influence and power. He/she will not do anything without wanting something in return. Hence the saying: “Nothing goes for nothing”,which is a popular slogan in public service today.


The lack of contentment on the part of couples leading to their cheating on each other starts from home. A wife that has been operating on this lane, cheating on her husband successfully, will take it as a norm. She will also indoctrinate her daughter, either directly or indirectly, into this lifestyle. And the daughter will also be cheating on her husband when she is married and the chain will continue. In the same way, a man who is used to cheating on his wife will also by default train his son the same thing. And the son will grow up believing that it is not a big deal cheating on one’s wife.

Aid and Support for Prostitution

Do you know that many of the prostitutes were actually sponsored knowingly or unknowingly by their immediate and extended family members? This is especially the case with those of African and Asian extractions that are engaging in prostitution abroad. Their travelling tickets, visas procurement and other logistics were actually facilitated with the financial contributions from their kith and kins. They see this as a means of empowering such ladies to enable them travel abroad, make money, then come back home to empower other young ladies. This is a 50/50 chance of success as in many cases such expectations are hardly met. In fact in most cases, such ladies are either killed and their vital organs harvested. Quite a number are made to mate with animals like dogs, horses, monkeys, and so on. Those who are lucky to make it back home do so with cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you ask me I will tell you this is a wasted investment.

Aid and Support for Under Age Marriage

The norm in most parts of the world is for a child to get married when he/she is matured enough; that is at the attainment of adult age. Although there are few variations from one society to the other, but most societies recognise 18 years as the adult age. Many families are found to be non-compliant with this expectation. We have cases of families forcing children below this age to marry. It is obvious that a child at this age is not matured, not well educated, lack experience and generally helpless. In their state of hopelessness, naivety and gullibility they are being compelled to do thinga which may be on the wrong side of the legal, moral and ethical standards.

Forcing Children to Join Occultist Groups

Many people are in occultist groups or secret cults not because they joined on their own. They were dragged into these groups by their parents who are already members. Some of these parents by the requirement of their groups have to bring their children into the groups as a measure of their contributions to the recruitment drive of their respective groups. In many of the groups, it is required that any member must bring in his/her first child who will eventually replace such parents when they pass on. Considering the fact that such societies use their powers to satisfy their members’ interest first when they are in position of authority and influence, do you expect them to be fair and objective in recruitment and appointment of major officers, contract allocations and procurements, and others? The answer is definitely NO!

Arranging Marriages Between and Among Families

Some wealthy and influential families do not want their children to marry outside their social circle. They would want to give out their daughters to sons of their business and political associates in attempt to enhance the bond of social and economic relationships between them. Some cult members do same among themselves too. In this sort of arrangement, little or no attention is given to feelings of the bride and bridegroom. It does not matter if they are in love or not as long as the selfish and narrow desires of the two intending families are met. The genuine love which is a primary requirement for marriage is therefore sacrificed for interest of their parents. It is therefore not surprising that such marriages collapse as soon as they are contracted. It is so sad and shameful. Even where such marriages survive, they create fertile grounds for nepotism in the public offices where such couples occupy positions of authority because this is the essence of such marriages in the first place.

Aid and Support for Stealing by Family Members

Some families are in the habit of giving passive or/and active supports to their members who are involved in stealing. Families where minors are being challenged by their parents to bring money home as their mates are already doing are obviously pushing such children into stealing. Where do they expect them to get such money from? Families where children will bring items or money home that do not belong to them and the parents will look the other way are encouraging such kids to go and steal more. Parents who share such stolen items or money with their children are motivating them to go and do more. Families where parents do not have moral courage to speak very strongly against criminality before their children are incubating grounds for criminals. It is important to note that what you do and what you fail to do are all veritable tools for teaching and learning.

Lack of Transparency

The poor attitude being demonstrated towards transparency by some public offers were actually learnt from their homes. Couples who do not see the need to be opened to one another on financial matters will most likely not appreciate the need to be transparent when they occupy public offices. These behaviours were learnt over time from their parents, uncles, aunties and other relatives who were also not used to openness. They always have one or two things to hide. The generation of children being raised in such families will naturally grow up to accept that it is a norm not to be transpatrent. Anyone, perhaps out of curiosity, that is attempting to know more will be seen as being too nosy. All efforts will be made to resist him/her.

Showing Preference for a Particular Child at the Expense of Others

Nepotism starts from home. Parents started this among their own children when they start showing more love to one child at the expense of others. The favoured child if not well guided will start feeling proud and arrogant to other siblings. The other siblings too will start getting jealous, angry and treacherous. Crises will start brewing in the home. All these will form part of the orientation of the children from such homes. So when they are outside their homes, their attitude and behaviors toward others will be dictated to a large extent by the orientation which they got from home. This explains why “divide and rule” principle being adopted by many parents in handling their family members should be de-emphasised or removed entirely.

Child Abuse

Families are replete with cases of child abuse. However, conspiracy of silence is so strong that such cases are suppressed and grossly under reported. Homes are filled with cases of child labour and rapes. The worst instances of incest are also from homes. Fathers are raping and having carnal knowledge of their daughters and sons (where the father is a bisexual and homosexuals). In the same vein, mothers are raping and having carnal knowledge of their sons and daughters (where the mothers are bisexual and lesbians). All these issues of sexual misconducts cut across ages from zero to eighteen and even above. Children are also abusing their parents in the same manner. House maids are severely overworked and ruthlessly raped by masters, his wife and children. Some grandparents are guilty of this inglorious conducts too. A person coming from this background cannot be anything less than a monster when he or she gets to public office. So all the cases of sex for grade, sex for job and others are being perpetuated mostly by people of this kind of background. They started from home.

Demonic/Occultist Rituals

All deities being worshipped are historically attached to one family or another. Their objects of rituals are many and varied. They range from water, kola nut, palm oil, palm wines, alcohols, fowls, goats, sheep, rams, pigeons and cows. At some other times, they use human beings, either in parts or in whole. The purpose of the rituals could be for protection, mercy and favour, fame, good farm yield/harvest, money, promotion at work, uncommon achievements, killing, success in wars, and so on. The families involved are fully aware of what they are doing but will come out and pretend as if they are ignorant. When a member of such families are contesting or competing for positions, contracts, and others the families often support them with all these rituals which may involve using human beings. So how do you expect ritual killings to stop when the people assigned to fish out the culprits are even the prime beneficiaries of the crime?

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