Tips on How to Run Cost Effective Family


Running a family could be very expensive and stressful. You cannot run away from such stress as long as you are saddled with the responsibility of leading and managing a home that you, your spouse and children will be proud of. But you can make the task less stressful if you can follow some of the tips highlighted below. So why not take off the needless pressures on you and feel proud of your achievements and let your family members feel the same way too? These are the tips. So let us read on.

Reasonable and Qualitative Education.

Your children need good quality education to prepare them for their adult life. This does not have to cost you all your limited resources. All you need to do is to gather information about the creches, kindergartens, nursery, primary and secondary schools in your neighbourhood. Get information about their cost and quality of their services and choose the one that is most suitable to your budget. Many of the highly expensive educational institutions around are not special in any way. All their claims are hypes. Do not fall for it. Go to where you will get value for your money.

Affordable Accommodation.

Money is too difficult to get that one cannot choose to be throwing it out anyhow. When searching for accommodation for you and your family, good neighbourhood is good and important. But is that all? Perhaps that is not. You also have to think about affordability. And affordability has to be defined from the point of view of how big and loaded your pocket is because you are the one that will pay the rent and continue to renew it for as long as you are still there. So go for accommodation that will agree with your pocket size. Avoid looking at your rent with another person’s lens. Use your own lens.

Living Within Your Means.

Living within your means is the best and most respectable of living. If you choose to opt for luxuries that your earnings cannot finance you are not doing yourself any good. Instead you are pushing yourself and family to the point of embarrassment. This is what we call fake life. Unchecked fake life can bring about depression and all the attendant negative consequences. Fake lifestyle can compelled you and any member of your family to try to indulge in stealing, armed robbery, fraud, drug peddling, rituals, and other forms of criminality in other to get what is illegitimately theirs in order to fill up the gap created through fake living.

Cheaper And Efficient Solutions.

Be creative and innovative in your search for solutions to your family’s problems or challenges. This brings down the cost of running your homes with better results to show for it. High quality does not have to come at a very high cost. When you cook from home the cost is by far cheaper than buying piece meal from food vendors. Teaching your children to do their laundry themselves will help the family to drive down the cost. And at a point they can also assist daddy and mummy to do their own laundry too. I call this return on investment (ROI) on the time and efforts used to train the kids Apart from this, it also helps to prepare the children for responsible adulthood..

Health and Nutrition.

Adopt preventive medicine practice in your family by making sure your spouse and children eat healthy foods because doing so is better and cheaper than cure. Healthy foodstuffs and fruits are available everywhere. And they are relatively cheap compare to the cost of treating ailments arising from poor nutrition. Good hygiene and other healthy practices should also be embraced to prevent frequent illness by members of your family. Using treated net to prevent mosquito bites is an excellent idea. Make sure that all prescriptions are used as recommended by medical professionals.

Choose Lifestyle Your Earnings Can Accommodate.

While it may be good to follow examples of some people’s lifestyles, it is equally important that you have what it takes to be able to follow seamlessly. It will be highly ridiculous for you to want to acquire an expensive car simply because you want to fall within the same category of a friend that just did the same thing. This person may be your friend but the two of you may not in the same class. That is the truth. And you should not be in the same class to be friends. Do not impose undue pressure on yourself and your family. Get off it.

Build Your Social Life Around Sensible and Realistic People.

“Show me your friends and I will know who you are.” That is an age long adage that underscores how important the people you have chosen as your friends can be in your life. Get positive vibes by surrounding yourself with sensible people and vice versa. Wrong people will impose on you wrong values and decisions that will take you off track, and by extension your family. Good and realistic people will live exemplary live that will serve as inspiration for you. They will also counsel and guide you to prevent you from going astray.

Appreciate God Factor In Your Life and Family.

Believe and accept God’s position and role in your life. God can do without us, but we cannot do without God in our individual and collective lives. Constant prayer for His guidance on daily basis and on all issues is a must. There is no alternative to that. You can have all the best ideas in this world but if God does not have hands in them they will not come to fruition. So do not fool around. Be with God at all times because the one with God is the majority. You will not be let down.


Be a person of integrity simply means being the person you claim you are. Let your action be a true reflection of what you say. Your spouse is watching you, and so are your children. Let your YES be YES and your NO be NO. Lack of congruence in this regard may generate questions that may be difficult to resolve by you. This will obviously increase the pressure on you. It is better you under promise and over deliver than to over promise and under deliver.

Hard Work.

Work very hard to meet your expectations from spouse and other family members. Do not be lazy about it. Anything short of this will bring down your integrity rating before your family.

 Planning is Key to Family Success.

Effective and successful family is not by happenstance. It is a direct result of careful planning and hard work to make the planning come to fruition. Hence the saying that, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” It is not just enough to draw up plans, try to follow your plans through to ensure the objectives are achieved as planned. You must have realistic budget to back your plans. Operate within budgetary limits. Do not do more than your budget can accommodate. Nobody will give you any award for running or leading the most expensive and extravagant family. So what are we killing ourselves for?

Being Yourself and Real.

Do not disguise yourself and your family as well. Nobody is going to kill you by saying you are from a humble background. How you were born is not your fault. What you are, and what you will be, is your fault..

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