11 Major Benefits of Marriage

Ronald Olusegun Olaiya

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Quite a number of people take marriage and what it can offer for granted. They just could not feel and see the benefits of the institution to the couples, their children and families and the society at large. This explains the reason why we are trying to share in this article the benefits of marriage. This in our view will enable the populace appreciate the value of marriage in the society.
Below we are identifying 11 of such benefits for discussion. It is believed that the discussion will open your eyes to the numerous benefits that are inherent in marriage and why every adult person should strive toward living a married life.
  1. Marriage Enhances Longevity
The nature of marriage is such that as a married person with wife/husband and a family to take care, including children, you weigh your options. You would not want to take undue risk because of your loved ones who may be left off guarded if anything happens to you. You therefore want to take better care of yourself by avoiding undue risks. In the process you end up living a better, longer and healthier life. As a matter of fact as married persons you and your spouse could reduce the risk of mortality three times vis-a-vis your unmarried friends.
  1. Marriage Creates Room for Better care of the Couples
Studies have revealed that couples and their families tend to live better lives than their unmarried counterparts. This is because marriage imposes on each of the couples the responsibilities to care for their spouses and children. In this regard, they refrain from activities that could be harmful to them and ensure better care of their welfare and safety.
  1. It Reduces the Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Marriage drastically reduces the couples’ exposure to STDs. This is because through marriage, couples are assured of regular and stable satisfactory sex life. This is couple with the fact that they are engaging in sexual intercourse with the partners they know pretty well, trust and love. Automatically this reduces the chances of being infected with STDs that could arise from unprotected sex with unfamiliar persons which is common with the unmarried people.
  1. Being Married Enhances the Health Status of the Couples
The regular satisfactory sex is not without its own attendant health benefits. Various scientific findings have confirmed this assertion as well. Great sex supports sense of happiness and satisfaction. This in turn helps to promote better health and wellness. Spouses who enjoy this experience on regular basis tend to enjoy enhanced physical, emotional and mental health than the unmarried persons.
  1. Married Men and Women Are Less Addicted to Alcohol
Most married people do not take or drink alcohol in excess. In fact, there is no basis to be addicted to drinking because they hardly suffer from depression that could make drinking become attractive to them. They are of the view that they can really live a fulfilled and happy life without taking to drinking.
  1. Couples Earn More Income
Married men and women earn more that unmarried men and women out there. It is also a fact that because of their family and the children they also spend more. However, their relatively higher earnings should help to accommodate such higher expenditures. The reasons for these higher earnings vary from one country to another, details of which are not the focus in this writing. But the observations across countries point to the fact that married men and women earn more than the unmarried men and women.
  1. Marriage Creates Better Environment for Child Rearing
Rearing children become relatively easy among couples than it is with single parents. This is because among the couples, responsibilities are easily shared on how to take care of the kids. The unmarried person carries the whole burden all alone which could be so tiring. This makes homes being led by couples better environments for raising children than the ones being led by single parents.
  1. Enhanced Standard of Living
Married couples can afford better quality of life than the unmarried parents. For instance, because of their higher income status, they may be able to afford apartment in choice areas, send their children to better schools, buy better clothes, etc, On the other hand, single parents may find it difficult to meet up with such budget.
  1. It Offers Lifelong Companionship and Friendship
Happy married life kills boredom. This is because it helps to remove the feeling of loneliness that can make life look so miserable. Marriage gives you a lifelong companionship which unmarried man/woman can hardly get. In other words, married men/women have less dull moment than unmarried men/women.
  1. Stronger Emotional and Social Support for the Children
Through marriage the family is created that enables a child to have two parents – the father and the mother. This helps the child to be raised and developed into a balanced, rounded and happy adult. A child here has two adult parents to supervise and monitor his/her growth. They are his/her role models that he/she is looking up to for direction. The opportunity he/she has is two times what his/her friend from single parent has. The adults raised in these two environments cannot be the same emotionally and socially.
  1. Marriage is a Fulfilment of Scripture
Marriage is ordained by the God almighty. It is expected that every child that has grown to adult stage should get married. This is the commandment of God. So getting married is an act of obedience to the commandment of God. Most of the world’s universal religions strongly support marriage. This marriage is expected to deepen the bond between the couples. It is also expected to strengthen the relationship between the married man/woman and God.
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