10 Things You Must Know Before Going Into Marriage

In many cases people go into marriage without having slightest idea of what they are going into. By the time they realize this after they must have contracted the marriage it would have been too late. This leaves them with the statement: Had I know. Before going into marriage, there are number of factors that need to be known, failing which the marriage may be dead even before it is contracted. Some of the factors include, but not limited to, the ones explained below:

Financial Management

One of the principal factors that determine whether a marriage will withstand the test of time is finance. Marriage requires quite a lot of money to be sustained. Its adequacy or otherwise determines if the marital experience will be exciting or not. This will also say much about whether the marriage will succeed or not. There are several things that will require money before, during and after wedding. Some of them include, but not limited to, baby care, medicare, housing, car, clothing, and others. This therefore requires that couples going into marriage should give a primary consideration in their quest marital union to the issue of finance. No matter how small the family budget is, lack of money or inadequacy of it can cause serious crises in the family that will turn what would have been memorable and exciting experience to an unpalatable one. Lets avoid it. Let us plan ahead.

Sexual Desires & Concerns

Are you guys sexually compatible or not? If you are not then you guys need a rethink. Discuss it and dont feel shy. Be bold and courageous to discuss your sexual preferences with your partner. Dont pretend. Say it exactly the way it is. If you dont tell him/her then dont blame him/her. Many people go into marriage as pretenders, not willing to declare who they are sexually. And when their partners could not fathom what such desires and preferences are, then they remain unattended to. Frustrations arising from this could lead to communication gap, marital crisis and this may lead to eventual crash of such marriages.

Extended Family

Extended families are very important because they are the big trees from which our individual conjugal families come from. In other words, they are the sources of various nuclear families as we have them today. No doubt these families need their respective extended family members for one reason or another. But they should not be over relied upon. They should be dealt with cautiously. They should not be allowed to have over bearing influence on the nuclear families in such a way that they will start hurting the expression of the huge potentials that abound in the families. Couples should be careful at the beginning to ensure that what is happening in their homes are not dictated from outside in the name of extended family.

Friends’ Involvement

Both couples have friends, males and females. Some with good intentions, and others with bad intentions. You can hardly differentiate who is who because the holy book says, The heart of man is desperately wicked. Who can know it? Couples should take charge of what is happening within and among them. They should learn to treat their matters with minimum reliance on external parties called friend. Cases abound of where the so called friends took advantage of the gap between couples to scatter their marriages. Empathic communication among couples help removed such unpleasant experiences.

Household Chore Delegation

Who does household chores among the couples? Big question, right? Traditionally, one would say that this roles automatically goes to the woman of the house. But things have changed so dramatically since the modern industrial and technological era. As a matter of fact traditional roles of genders have been altered significantly. So caution is the word here. We have to face reality. Gone were the days when the woman will be doing all the house chores and the man will be sitting in the palour, reading newspaper or watching television. Both couples should make themselves available for domestic chores to help one another and to reduce tension in the family. This is a clear demonstration of love and spirit of helpfulness.

Career Aspirations

What does your marriage mean to your career plan? Death or growth? You need to sit down to talk about this. Everyone has lofty dreams before marriage. The question is, what happened to those lofty dreams after marriage? Will the woman still be allowed to chase the dreams or she will be asked to abandon them and stay at home all day long? Both couples should organize themselves in such a way that they can both pursue their respective careers to the glory of God. No one should be made to abandon his/her dreams. This is the least they could do to help themselves, their family and the society at large. 50/50 rule should apply here.

Parenting Philosophies

Parenting is a major aspect of family function that needs to be handled with great caution. Couples must agree on the belief and philosophy that will be deployed to guide childrens thought process and world view. If the parents are looking in different directions in this regard there will be confusion as the children may be lost as to which philosophy to adopt. The children may be left with no option than to chart new courses for themselves. This new direction may not be what the parents wish to have.

Relaxation Time (what they like to do in their free time)

This may sound funny but it has to be given all the seriousness it deserves. Having an idea of how, when and where you want to spend your spare time and sharing same with your partner may be a very powerful way to get yourself understood by your partner. This may in turn create room for mutual understanding and trust. For instance, if you have never told your wife that you enjoy attending night club at your leisure time and she discovers that you always go there, this may create trust issues and brewing point for crisis. Such crisis may shake the marriage to its foundation if it is not well managed.

Personality Traits

Do you know the personality traits of your partner? Is he/she short tempered, gentle, aggressive, etc? Is he/she gentle, harsh or calm? People are not the same on all these traits. And the traits each of the couples has will go a long way to affect his/her approach to the other partner. This in turn may have serious implications for the marriage.

Similarities & Differences of the Families couples grew up from

The Similarities between the families the couples come from may go a long way and overall stability of their homes. Although this is not a guarantee but the chances of success could be high. This explains why people are often afraid of going into inter-ethnic marriage.


Ronald Olusegun Olaiya

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A crypto currency (or crypto currency) is a digital currency or online money designed to work as a means of exchange.  It typically does not exist in physical form (like paper money) and is not issued by a central authority.
Bitcoin, was the first crypto currency in 2009, and it is the first decentralized crypto currency. Since the release of Bitcoin, over 6,000 altcoins have been released to the global market place. So we have the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.as the most used amongst the crypto currencies.
Bitcoin, which was first released as open-source software in 2009, is the first decentralized crypto currency. Ethereum which was first proposed in 2013 finally came alive in July 2015.
You can get details of all known crypto currencies, their histories, market values and prices at https://coinmarketcap.com/. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are the most popular among the crypto currencies today.
At the time Bitcoin was released it had virtually no value.Bitcoin/Etherium pricing is influenced by factors such as the supply of Bitcoin and market demand for it, the number of competing crypto currencies, and the exchanges it trades on.
As at 18th April 18 2020, 1ETH was approximately N40000. Presently, 1ETH is like N97000. Let us put it at N100000. Assuming you had 1ETH in April, you know how much profit you have gained now without working or lifting a pin.
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Question 1: What is FORSAGE smart contract?
FORSAGE smart contract is a platform which allows you to earn and accumulate as many Ethereum as you want and you trade them for instant cash any day anytime and at any price you so wish depending on the market price of Ethereum at the point of sale.
The main focus of joining FORSAGE Smart Contract is to earn and accumulate Ethereum.
Now to cut the long story short, the aim of FORSAGE is to accumulate Ethereum which is an advantage for someone who may not be able to buy. Even if you can buy, earning Ethereum with little or no effort doesn’t hurt; it can only refresh you financially.
Question 2: How Do I Earn From FORESAGE?
There are 3 ways to Earn from FORSAGE. They are:
  1. Spillovers
  2. Overflows
  3. Referring/Upgrades
  4. Spillover
Spillover works in such a way that you earn from people around you in the system from any person. It does not matter where the person may be in the world. The person may be in Nigeria, USA, UK, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Ghana, or wherever on this planet Earth. Spillover comes from anywhere; so no one can say the actual amount you will see on spillover. It all depends.
  1. Overflow
It is what you earn from upline (the person that registers you). When he/she keeps earning and his basket on FORSAGE is already filled up. The rest fall on his downline(s). No matter if you are working or not, referring or not referring, you just keep getting it. The upline can’t stop that as it is already programmed. Remember that FORSAGE is based on a smart contract that cannot be interrupted.
  1. Referrals
This involves registering people under you with your affiliate link. The higher you grow the more you make crazy profit because we have different levels which range from level 1-12.
It is important to note that FORSAGE is a WIN/WIN situation for anyone joining the platform. If you want to join without referring and wait for overflows and spillovers, you can join and wait. However, the anticipated overflows and spillovers may not come as fast as you are envisaging. That means that you really need to exercise patience as they will definitely come at the right moment. However, if you are good with networking, team work, referring or talking to people, you would make a lot of cool cash in form of Ethereum from this platform in addition to what you are going to get in the forms of overflows and spillowers.
It has to be reiterated here that FORSAGE is not a get rich quick scheme. You will make a lot of money in the long run; so you have to persevere. Do not be greedy or selfish.
The Two Programmes in FORSAGE
FORSAGE has two programmes, namely: the X3 and X4 Programmes.
  • As soon as you register you’re on level 1 in both X3 and X4 programmes.
  • The X3 programme let you earn from your downlines. On FORSAGE X3 zones, you earn strictly by referring and helping your referrals to grow too so they can move gradually with you to level 12. In other words, we have levels 1 -12 on X3. These zones are only important for those that can refer.
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Question 3: When Can I Withdraw My Money from FORSAGE?
  • Forsage is 100% decentralized. This means that there are no administrators. There is no one controlling FORSAGE so it cannot be manipulated to the benefit of anyone.
  • The most impressive thing about FORSAGE is that whatever you earn is paid directly into your Ethereum Trust Wallet.
  • There’s no minimum withdrawal, nor fixed date for withdrawal; you can take out your earnings anytime.
  • You are the CEO of your account
You can get more information about this great opportunity here: https://www.familyrebirth.com/?p=740
  • In FORSAGE you’re paid directly to your account.
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  • FORSAGE is a lifetime contract.
  • In FORSAGE the levels can never expire.
  • Joining FORSAGE requires a one-time buying of 0.065 Ethereum.
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The following are the steps involved in registering yourself or your friends in FORSAGE:
  • Contact your upline to give you his/her referral link and ID like I indicate mine below:
My Foesage URL: https://forsage.io/i/ientgs/
My Forsage ID: 318296
  • Go to play store to install Trust Wallet on your android phone, TockenPocket on your iphone or Metamask on your Laptop/PC.
  • After installation of the Trust Wallet App.
  • Open the app and click on Ethereum then click on RECEIVE for you to copy your ethreum wallet.
  • Then fund your Ethereum wallet. $50 or more to start with.
  • From your Trust Wallet go to DApps and paste your upline link on the Search or Website URL space.
  • Click join now
  • Click on the Green Button that shows CLICK TO REGISTER OR UPGRADE SLOTS.
  • Click Confirm on the next page.
  • Confirm and Approve your Payment.
  • Congratulations, your Registration is Successful.
  • From your Trust Wallet, click DApps paste the link https://lk.forsage.io/auth on the space for search or Website URL and click enter.
  • On the next page, click on Automatic Login/Registration. It will take you to your account.
  • Copy your referral link and take note of your ID.
Our intention is to help our members earn as many Ethereum as possible and positively change as many lives as possible.
Here we are talking about the App (Trust Wallet) and materials you need to get started
  • First of all get a New Exercise Book (Please never use a piece of paper!)
  • Download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wallet.crypto.trustapp
  • Click create wallet
  • Mark the small box and continue
  • Write down the 12 Passphrase in your exercise book. This is the key to your account ( please Never share it with anyone)
  • Click next to re-enter the passphrase accordingly
  • Click continue
Click Etherum and you see what appears like this: 0x8F547B30fC252393562286aAb6701976972fff20. That is like your digital bank account number.
If you are using an iPhone, you’ll have to link a  TockenPocket Mobile App with your TRUST WALLET so that you can use the browser to signup.
Here are the processes:
  • Download TokenPocket Wallet
  • Click on “I have a wallet”
  • Select Ethereum
  • Select Mnemonic import
  • Paste/input the 12 Word Phrase of your Trust Wallet in the Mnemonic import box
  • Input/create a password
  • Confirm the password
  • Check ✅ the Terms and Conditions circle
  • Click on Import it
  • Ding!!!
More information and graphic details on how to download and install Trust Wallet on your android phone and Pocket Token on you iphone, please check this article here: https://www.familyrebirth.com/?p=746
On how you can download and install Metamask on your laptop and desktop, please read the details, including images here: https://www.familyrebirth.com/?p=754
Here is a list of sites where you can buy Ethereum in different platforms and in different countries.
1 www.snappyexchange.com
  1. B-Exchange (@BexAfrica)
  2. www.remitano.com
  3. www.luno.com
  4. www.localbitcoins.com
  1. B-Exchange (@BexAfrica)
  2. www.altcointrader.co.za
  3. www.localbitcoin.com
  4. www.coinmama.com
  5. www.luno.com
  1. www.localbitcoins.com
  2. www.coinmama.com
  3. www.belfrics.io
  4. www.bitpesa.com
  5. www.remitano.com
  1. B-Exchange (@BexAfrica)
  2. www.flux.com
  3. www.coinmama.com
  4. www.localbitcoins.com
  5. www.spectrocoin.com
  1. www.localbitcoins.com
  2. www.coinmama.com
  1. B-Exchange (@BexAfrica)
  2. www.coinmama.com
  3. www.altcointrader.co.za
  1. www.coinmama.com
  2. www.cex.io
  1. www.coinmama.com
  2. www.cex.io
  1. www.coinmama.com
  1. B-Exchange (@BexAfrica)
  2. www.altcointrader.co.za
  3. www.coinmama.com
  1. www.golix.com
  2. www.localbitcoins.com
  1. www.localbitcoins.com
  2. www.remitano.com
  3. www.coinmama.com
  1. www.spectrocoin.com
  2. www.luno.com
  3. www.worldwidebitcoin.com
  4. www.localbitcoins.com
  1. www.coinbase.com
  2. www.localbitcoins.com
  3. www.luno.com
  1. www.coinbase.com
  2. www.localbitcoins.com
  1. www.shakepay.com
  2. www.coinbase.com
  3. www.localbitcoins.com
  1. www.Coins.ph
  1. www.localbitcoin.com
  2. www.blockchain.com
You can access frequently asked questions here: https://www.familyrebirth.com/?p=765
For more inquiries and clarifications on Forsage, please contact me using any of the following contact details:
Email: familyrebirth1@gmail.com
Phone: +2348184559437
WhatsApp: +2348128420474
Skype: olusegunolaiya1
My Foesage URL: https://forsage.io/i/ientgs/
My Forsage ID: 318296


Ronald Olusegun Olaiya

Question 1: How much is the Ethereum required for registration in naira?
Answer: It’s usually 0.06-0.07ETH, which fluctuates depending on the network fees and market price of Ethereum at the point of registration. But for fast growth we strongly recommend starting with at least a $120.
Question 2: After registration, what will I do to earn?
Answer: Follow the strategies that will be given to you in the team. You will be duly mentored and guided.
Question 3: If I don’t have referrals, Will I earn?
Answer: Absolutely! You will earn. But its not fixed or certain and you have to wait patiently for spillovers.
Question 4: How do I withdraw my earnings and turn it to cash?
Answer: You can send to your Luno Ethereum address and convert to cash through the guidance of any of the leaders in our team or you sell to a reliable vendor who will send you cash swiftly.
Question 5: What is the least of highest Ethereum I can earn?
Answer: There is no minimum or maximum amount you can earn on Forsage Smart Contract. You can earn as much as 10000 ETH. It all depends on your diligence and hardwork and your use of strategies to grow.
Question 6: Can I have more than one accounts?
Answer: Yes, you can. Meet any of the leaders in our team to guide you.
Question 7: Will it Crash?
Answer: Forsage Smart Contract can never crash. It’s built on the Blockchain network which is the safest and most secure crypto network in the world.
Question 8: Will I receive money daily?
Answer: As long as you earn everyday, you can receive profit everyday. It all depends on your hardwork.
Question 9: Can I withdraw the same day I Joined?
Answer: Yes. Depending on how many Ethereum you earn on that day.
Question 10: If I join today, when will they pay me?
Answer: You can withdraw your earnings anytime as long as you make profit. This is because all your transactions are done within your wallet and nobody has access to it except you.
Question 11: Who owns Forsage?
Answer: Forsage isn’t owned by anybody. It is decentralized and as such it is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability. A smart contract is an automatic execution algorithm. It exists within the Ethereum Blockchain, the number one cryptographic currency among those with which smart contracts can be created.
Question 12: How many referrals do I need before I can withdraw?
Answer: As little as 1-3 and you’re good to go. Whether you bring in referrals or not, as long as you’ve earned whether via spillovers or overflows or direct referrals you can always sell your profit but upgrading to higher levels gives you more profits.
Question 13: What is the difference between Forsage and Ethereum?
Answer: Forsage is a platform you are investing in while Ethereum is the cryptocurrency you’re investing with.
Question 14: How many referrals do I need to open a higher level?
Answer: It depends on your mode of earning. Your earnings can come without referrals through spillovers and overflows, that way you don’t need referrals to upgrade. And if  you refer and earn, you can also open a higher level. You can also buy higher levels with your Ethereum without necessarily earning yet with the aim of having higher earnings  from the X4 baskets on Forsage through spillovers and overflows.
Question 15: Can I use any other wallet apart from Trust wallet, token pocket and Metamask?
Answer: No!These are the most compatible wallets for transacting in the Forsage Smart Contract.
Question 16: If I don’t have referrals, how fast or soon will I start earning the spillovers and overflows?
Answer: It has no specific time frame. It all depends on the number of transactions within the system.
Question 17: What if I can only refer 1 or two people, how will I make money?
Answer: As long as you work as a team, you will always earn and sustainably too. Team work pays in Forsage. You can’t do it individually without help from your upline/downline.
Question 18: How many times can I buy cash out in a day or week?
Answer: You can cash out as many times as possible as long as you earn during the day/week.
For more inquiries and clarifications on Forsage, please contact me using any of the following contact details:
Email: familyrebirth1@gmail.com
Phone: +2348184559437
WhatsApp: +2348128420474
Skype: olusegunolaiya1
My Foesage URL: https://forsage.io/i/ientgs/
My Forsage ID: 318296